[Update] Bandai 1:5000 Star Wars Star Destroyer

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Dengeki Hobby Web secured some updated information of Bandai's upcoming 1:5000 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 2019 new original release!

Star Destroyer [Lighting Model]:
1:5000 scale (which works out to about 32 cm / 12.598426 inches)Complete lighting system using twelve LED Lighting UnitsIncludes display stand with in-scale Millennium Falcon and Rebel Blockade Runner12000 yen MSRP (currently about $109.00 U.S.D.) August 2019 release
Star Destroyer:
1:5000 scale (which works out to about 32 cm / 12.598426 inches)Does NOT include a lighting systemIncludes display stand with in-scale Millennium Falcon and Rebel Blockade Runner7000 yen MSRP (currently about $64.00 U.S.D.) August 2019 release
Check out the pictures below!

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Round 2 Star Trek Kits At 2019 Toy Fair New York

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The 2019 Toy Fair New York took place from February 16 to 19, and Round 2 was there to show off their upcoming Star Trek model kit releases.  Check out the information below and the pictures from TrekCore!

AMT 1:3200 Romulan Warbird D'deridex-class (kit number AMT1125):
20 partsDome base carried over from the 2012 re-releaseUpdated decal sheet carried over from the 2012 re-releaseAbout 12.75 inches (32.4 cm) in length when builtFull-color paint and water slide decal placement guideGlue-together kit

 AMT 1:2500 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (kit number AMT1126):
9 partsDome base carried over from the 2017 AMT 1:2500 U.S.S. Enterprise box setComplete aztec and markings decal sheets carried over from the 2017 AMT 1:2500 U.S.S. Enterprise box setAbout 10 inches (254 mm) in length when builtFull-color paint and water slide decal placement guideSnap-together kit

 Polar Lights 1:1000 Enterprise NX-01 (kit number POL966):
84 partsIncludes optional refit parts carried over from the…

[Arduino Nano] Spaceship Thruster Lights

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Here is another Arduino sketch.  This time for Spaceship Thruster Lights.

First, if you need to install an Arduino board and the Arduino Software (IDE), you can check out my previous post for a guide:

This Arduino sketch will have the Nano control three LEDs.  Once the power is turned on, each thruster will randomly start at a low brightness level for 30 seconds.  Each thruster will then gradually become brighter at a random rate of increase for another 30 seconds.  Finally, each thruster will reach a full brightness and stay that way for 3 minutes.

The code allows one to reduce or add to the number of LEDs (depending on the available number of PWM pins on the Arduino being used) and to change the thruster effect times and brightness intensity ranges of each.

This is intended for sci-fi spaceship effects such as for the nozzles of Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper engines, Star Wars Imperial Star …

Bandai 1:5000 Star Wars Star Destroyer [Lighting Model]

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Bandai released some teaser information along with a YouTube video for their next Star Wars model original trilogy 1:5000 Star Destroyer [Lighting Model]!

At the moment, Bandai isn't giving out much except for one still image and flashes of a finished model in their YouTube video:

1:5000 scale (which works out to about 32 cm / 12.598426 inches)Full lighting set upFine detailsWill include display standSummer 2019 release
Here is the link to their YouTube teaser video:

At 1:5000, it is certainly smaller than the Zvezda / Revell 1:2700 kit and even the Revell Build-and-Play 1:4000 kit.  However, neither of those come with molded windows ready for lighting, and none of those have Bandai's famous meticulous attention to accuracy and details.

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[Google+ Shutdown] Web Notifications Warning From Google

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For those of you accessing Google+ through a web browser, you should be getting the following warning starting today:

After March 7, 2019, notifications for Google web products will no longer be accessible from the navigation bar.   If you'd like to receive similar notifications in the future, you can update the notification settings for your individual Google products.

You can update your notifications settings for Google+ with these two methods...

On Your Computer:
On your computer, open Google+.Click Menu and then Settings.Scroll down to "Notifications."Select the notifications you'd like to receive.
In the Google+ App:
On your mobile device, open the Google+ app.Go to Menu and then Settings.Select the Google+ account whose notifications you want to update.Tap Notifications.Select the notifications you'd like to receive.
Google is also reminding everyone that Google+ notifications are available to all Google+ users, and Google+ is available to cons…

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Model Kit Re-releases

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July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969 as part of NASA's Apollo 11 lunar mission.  Revell Germany, Airfix, and Dragon will all be re-releasing some of their classic kits to commemorate the historic event!  More information and box top artwork images are below.

Here are Revell Germany's re-releases which are scheduled to begin shipping in late-March 2019...

Apollo 11 Columbia & Eagle (kit number 03700):
- First released by Revell in 1967
- 1:96 scale
- 60 parts
- About 180 mm (7.08661 inches) in height
- Build the command module, service module, and the "Eagle" lunar module
- Gold foil included
- Includes display stand and base plate with moon structure
- Three phases of the lunar landing operation can be simulated: landing on the moon, return from the moon, and return to Earth
- 17.99 Euro (currently about $21.00 U.S.D.)

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle (kit number 03701):
- First released by Re…

[In The Stash] Bandai 1:2700000 Death Star II & 1:14500 Star Destroyer

Hi, Everyone!

Bandai burst onto the Star Wars model scene back in 2014 and instantly set a new, very high bar for accurate, detailed, and quality kits.  In that relatively short period of time, they have produced 80 kit releases as of this blog post!

Most will agree that Bandai's Star Wars model kits are very great.  They are of manageable size when built, they are all designed to be snap fitted together, and they are molded in color.  Also, most of their offerings provide both water slide decals and stickers in order to appeal to different levels of scale modelers.

Bandai makes kits of both vehicles and characters.  In regards to the vehicles, most are 1:72 and 1:144 in scale with a few also coming in at 1:48.  However, Bandai also has an inexpensive "Vehicle Model" line of kits that focuses on 1:144 or smaller BUT does not sacrifice on detail.

Back around mid-2016, the first Vehicle Model was released.  It was the Imperial Star Destroyer.  This model was determined to …